Our teenager is a senior in high school. He's a runner - one of my projects is to get him biking. We've been on ten and fifteen mile rides so far. In July we are signed up for the Erie Canal ride - with 500 other riders! That's fifty miles a day! We'll both need some training - more for me that for him, that's for sure!

I have a wonderful bike that will be perfect for the ride. I want to get his bike ready, not just for the Erie Canal ride, but also I expect it will be great for riding around campus, dorm to dining hall to library to classroom. I've got an Abus Amparo frame lock on the way, and a kickstand, and fenders.

I got some lights, too. Cateye Reflex front and rear. The rear went on the rack easily enough. The front is more of a challenge - I put a handlebar bag on the bike, which would block a light mounted on the handlebars. So... a little creativity....

The bike is a Jamis Trail X1. I got Elite VIP bottlecage clips and put one around the bottom of the head tube. Then I took a Paul Components Gino Light Mount and screwed that to the bottlecage clip. Then I mounted the light to that.