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    $4 Ebay Bike Mount Deal for hd808 non-jumbo's arrived with a camera!

    I ordered 2 handlebar mounts for the hd 808 non-jumbos that arrived today.
    The ebay deal is

    These were like $4/each but each arrived WITH a camera. The camera is a knockoff 808 that uses that new strange usb cable (not microusb) and it's upconverting 480p to 720p so the quality isn't nearly as crisp as the hd808 #16 but for $4 it's hard to beat.

    Your mileage may vary...

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    Thanks for the pointer to holders for the camera. I've struggled to mount my camera cleanly. That seller sells camera + holder and it seems like they sent you the wrong item. I purchased a scale, too :-) Hopefully it will arrive before my new wheels do. The turtles will be happier not being weighed on the micro digital scale.
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