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    I'll add it to Google Maps!

    Hey guys, I'm having fun editing Google Maps and have been adding local paths and such in RVA. I'm running out of stuff to do, so if you have GPS logs of bike paths that are in KML format, host them somewhere and post the URL and I can add it to google maps for you! It'll be a trail so no cars will attempt the turns etc. Just be sure to include notes in your post about where the trails connect with local roads and such so I can get intersections correct.

    Happy Mapping!

    Some of the recent additions: It's the beginning of the Virginia Capital Trail that will go from Richmond, VA to Jamestown, VA. Should be pretty cool once it's finished in a few years.

    So post up for KML URLs and I'll get to mapping your paths!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aushiker View Post
    Looks cool, but when I type in the capital of my state, it shows me the wrong place... by a lot.

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