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    bike speedo/computer with a long sensor lead? also, one computer, multi sensors?

    i'm just wanting to know if there's a cheap speedo with a longer sensor wire.

    last summer i made a gravity bike as part of a group build on another forum. i just got a cheap speedo from walmart for it, and it did what i needed, but when i upgraded the bike some i put a mag on the front. i didn't want to glue or drill into it so i put the sensor on the rear wheel and tried to lenthen the lead. i read that it's possible but i got something wrong and it's not working.

    the second question title might not make sence. i'm just wondering if any one makes a speedo where you can buy the sensor and lead by it's self, so i can put the computer on more than one bike. thanks.

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    If you tried to lengthen the lead and it's not working, there are two possibilities, it's either open or shorted. I suggest trying again.

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    I use Planet Bike Protege 9.0 computers on all my bikes. The computer comes with a normal front-wheel lead, and I purchase a second Tandem Lead/mount (for extra $$) for my other bike so I can use it on the rear wheel while mounted on a trainer.

    Search for Planet Bike Protege on eBay, etc. and you'll see that the computer itself just slides in/out of the mount, making it easy to swap bikes (max of 2 different wheel sizes can be entered, though).
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