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    headlight/camp-light & Solar-Charged Smart Phone?

    1) Can you recommend a good headlight that can double as a light for camping needs, which are minimal. I'm going on a week long tour.

    2) Can you recommend a solar charing device for my android (smart phone). I see a lot of people say that a device charges their phone but the type of phone makes a huge difference I think. Is the solar technology there yet to do this easily and reliably?

    I intend to bring extra batteries for lights and do not want to deal with trying to charge them. I just want a reliable way to charge my smart phone. Need to check email, maybe GPS though that's a real energy drain, phone calls and maybe some music/podcast at camp.


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    Rather than try to rely on solar, I suggest you get a cell phone charger that runs off of AA batteries, either rechargeable or disposable. Check the Gomadic website.

    Good bicycle headlights are very bright and produce a fairly narrow beam which is not ideal for general purpose use. I suggest getting a little camping headlamp for that purpose.

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