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    Solas Mount

    Quote Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
    Looks like it clips onto Your clothing with your belt. not much in the way of the back side is offered to see.
    The clip is very similar to the HotShot. It slides into the mount which can be attached either to the seat post or the seat stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trackhub View Post
    Thanks for that. I was going to ask if it came with a seat stay mount. Thinking about trying one, as I'm a confirmed light geek. I do like Niterider products, but what about these reports
    about break-offs? Some are pointing it out as a serious problem, others have been using the product since it came to the market, and have not experienced any breakage.
    I haven't broken-off anything. The mounts are similar to the PB Flash series, but a slightly different size, so not compatible. They will clip onto a back pocket but are also designed for the plastic mounts.

    I love mine. They are great, and Niterider backs its products. If you have a problem, they'll either fix it or send you a new one. The board on my first crapped out. I emailed them, and they sent out a new one the next day. Nice folks!
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    Note to you BLOWHARD MORONS out there: The fork is not bent. Most PEUGEOTS of the '70s forks DID NOT line up with the head tube angle. This is normal. The last pic is from the 1972 Dutch catalog showing this EXACT MODEL in diagram. Keep your comments to yourself......
    It's pronounced, "Co-burn."

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