This is to ask for suggestions for a bike computer meeting the following criteria:

- usable w/o a manual
- with a backlight
- wired
- with accurate clock

My current computer is Sigma BC1606L. Unfortunately, when I need to anything more complicated with that computer, such as adjust the clock, I need to reach again and again for a manual. I now own that computer for 3 years or so and it does not get any better. I am afraid no more a Sigma for me. Also the overly thin mount of my Sigma computer cracked quickly in the cold and I had to make a more solid one from epoxy. Maybe I should not need to do that again.

My previous computer was a basic Niterider, not anymore in production. It was rugged and straightforward to use, with a backlight. Unfortunately, its clock was so bad that it had to be adjusted every 3 days or so.

I would prefer a wired computer so that its battery could last for years. Also, I have plenty of other electronics on the bike and am afraid of interference. I pretty much need just basic functions from that computer, from which the clock is pretty central. I ride very often at night, so some sort of backlight is important.

Any suggestions? Thanks.