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    Exposure Maxx-D Mk. 4

    Was just wondering if there are any other members here who own this puppy... It is made by Exposure Lights, a British company and not too well known here in the States... and too bad, because their products are top notch, and as good as these lights get. With 1285 lumens, I can max my speed going downhill on a dark country road and see a good 300-350ft. ahead.

    It's built like a tank, weather-sealed, and on dark country roads I'm being yielded to from a 1/4 mile away because I'm being confused for an oncoming motor bike with bi-xenon headlight Unlike most other high-lumen lights out there, this one is an all-in-one, self contained unit. No cords, not battery pouch, etc. Quick release mechanism and you're good to go... 3 intensity levels, plus strobe mode.

    Anyone else owns an Exposure light?

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    I considered the high lumen Exposure lights (they are readily available in the US), but after some reflection, decided running two identical 600/700 lumen lights (Expilion 700 in my case) provided me with some benefits: Run both on high for 1400 lumens, aim them differently, run one high and the other flashing for conspicuity (switching between them nearly doubles run time), can mount one on the bars and one on the helmet, complete redundancy in case of failure....

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