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    Edge 510/810 cadence/speed sensor pairing problem

    I have a question for all 510/810 owners out there…

    I just got my 810 unit (bundle), and installed the cadence/speed sensor according to instructions. At first, my Edge unit wouldn’t pair up with either the cadence/speed nor the HR monitor. Upson screwing around for a few minutes, I realized the HR monitor has to be worn before the unit can detect it – ok, no problem.

    However, the cadence/speed sensor would not pair up (tried restarting the unit several times to no avail). Thinking there was something wrong with the sensor (perhaps a weak battery), I decided to go out for a quick ride to test the overall operability of the unit (minus the cadence/speed sensor). When I got back home, I tried pairing up the speed/cadence sensor one more time, and this time it got paired up on the first attempt.

    My question is: does anyone know why I had to go for a ride first before the unit would recognize the sensor? Will the sensor get picked up immediately on my next ride? Also, after having the bike sit in the garage for 24 hours following that first ride with the unit, the status light (red/green) on the cadence/speed sensor would not light up when spinning the wheels/pedals (in a stationary position).

    Any other general info about how these sensors operate will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance
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    Both the HR strap and sensor go to sleep after a while when not in use so as to conserve batteries. They only transmit and don't receive so do not know anything about what's going on with the 510/810. The HR strap starts transmitting when it gets electrical heart rate pulses from your chest, and the wheel/cadence sensor when either a wheel or cadence magnet passes, whether or not a 510/810 is present.

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    Is this still a problem?
    I have used the Garmin speed/cadence sensor to pair with the Forerunner 610 and Edge 510. I don't recall doing anything special I followed the directions from the manual and everything picked up without concern. Each time I go out for a ride, the devices pick up with ease.

    As for the red/green light on the sensor itself, I don't recall noticing if it blinks unless I have reset it. Then the green light will light up to indicate that it is working.

    Although, in full disclosure, I never look to see if it lights up anymore since I haven't had an issue with it not being picked up by either the FR610 or the Edge510. So it may very well light up and I just don't look for it.

    Sorry couldn't be much more help.

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