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    Best wireless computer for under $60?

    I'm sure there is a topic similar to this somewhere on here, but I don't really get on the boards much. Anybody got any opinions on a wireless computer for under $60? I've heard the Cateye Strada is a great little computer. Anyone know a little something about the Origin8 Data Station 13W? Looks like that can be had for only $28.

    Any others you would recommend?

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    I've owned four generations of Cateye wireless cyclocomputers, including the Strada. The Strada works fine and is not expensive. I paid $32 shipped for my Strada about 3-4 years ago.

    I do a lot of riding at night, so I recently bought a Cateye Micro Wireless, for two things the Strada doesn't have - backlighting and a programmable display. You can customize the display, see what you want to see, dispense with data you don't use. I paid $43 for the CMW from Amazon.

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