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    Pedal-powered safety light pedals

    from worksman cycles:

    Flashing LED Safety Pedals
    Surely a must for those who try to maximize safety through greater visibility and those who like innovative products, our flashing safety pedals have LED lighting within the pedal reflectors and are self generating...that's right...NO BATTERIES REQUIRED.
    The pedals flash bright beacons of light as the pedals are rotated and create a safer riding experience. Available in both 1/2"(fits all Worksman Cycles, and any bike with a one piece crank)) and 9/16" (fits all mountain bikes, road bikes and any bike with a 3 piece crank). So whether you want to make your riding experience safer,want to buy a great gift for someone you care about or just want your bike to be extra cool, order a set (sold in pairs)of these amazing flashing pedals today!
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