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    Dinotte 1200 vs Niterider 1200 Pro Race vs ???

    As the days have started getting shorter, my morning commute has been getting darker and darker. My commute is a couple of miles of hilly, poorly paved streets with minimal street lights until I get to the MUP (which of course has no lighting). In other words, until the sun rises (or the moon is full), I'm on my own for providing light with which to see.

    I've been using a Niterider Lumina 650 up until now, and I like it, it just doesn't put out enough light to make me comfortable on the downhill curves (20+ mph) in my neighborhood.

    I've been thinking about getting one of these two systems (and moving the Lumina 650 to my helmet). Does anyone have experience with either or both of these systems?

    Yes I know I could get a Magic Shine or one of its clones for far less $$$. I really would prefer a US-made product.

    Dynamo folks, I know I'm probably talking the same dollars as a decent dynamo setup. I do recognize some of the dynamos advantages. I may eventually go to a dynamo. I'm just not ready to go there yet (one big disadvantage is that my fixed gear which I use in "dry" weather uses 650c wheels, while my old road bike which I use in "wet" weather uses 700c wheels).

    Ok, so any advice/recommendations?



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    I have a XML-3 and it's a wonderful light. 1 year in with no problems whatsoever.

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