Well, I finally found a decent/cute (yes, I like things to aestheticlaly pleasing, as well as functional, although I have yet to find a headllight that is retro-looking that gives out trail-like lumens) light for my helmet.

I ended up with the Nite Ize BugLit, purchased at REI, I have spend way to much money there in the past month, although, I have spent way too much money on Lola in the last month (can you ever spend too much on your bike(s)?). This little guy ended up fitting very nicely on Pinky (my Nutcase Helment in Pink Cheetah & yes, I name everything ).

However, I had to place it in such a manner, so that the little "legs" fit under the padding of the helmet and do not jab into my head while I am riding.

All in all, a great purchase at a great price!

I am impatiently (I have no life ... ) waiting for the delivery of my Monkey Light M210's. Thanks to A2's Lite Up The Nite Ride, I finally broke down and bought them after having coveted the product for about a year. Thanks, to Amazon, it was only about $70 with S&H. So, we will see how they turn out. Some people say that for full effect two on each wheel is better than one, but I can't afford that right now, so one will have to do with maybe another set for Yule.

I will take photos tomorrow, and put them up for the hell of it.