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    Forerunner owners/users ? Pls

    I am considering a Forerunner...this is what I want it monitor my runs, biking...keep track of HR,time, speed, etc but do they also sow streets on the screen like a regular GPS ?
    Which is best suited for this and easy to opreate ?? I would also like to have it down load to sites like Strava....interested in hearing...thx

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    A Forerunner will record your speed, path, etc. They can record heart rate (and some can be matched up with cadence sensor on bikes, too). You will be able to upload your run/ride to strava or garmin. They don't have maps, so while you can see your "breadcrumbs", you won't be able to have it tell you where you are relative to any streets (I use my android phone for that).

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