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    Garmin 800 started burning while charging

    Plugged my Garmin in after riding today and smelt something burning about 5 hours later. The Garmin was hot (about like holding a fresh cup of coffee) and the plastic around the charging port was burnt and melted. The battery did not charge. I tried plugging it into other outlets around the house and it wouldn't charge; screen stays blank when plugged in and the charge indicator doesn't change. All other electronics in the house are normal (iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad were all charing near the Garmin).

    Looks like the unit is toast

    Anyone else had this problem or any idea what went wrong?

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    Many things, all of them not fixable. Most likely is a short or broken connector somewhere inside.

    Just... don't plug it back in. Serious fire hazard, that. Take it back.

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