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new procuct take a look
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Impressive that they've already got $100k in starter funding.
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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (using my best Butthead impersonation).........another solution looking for a problem?
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Looks like an interesting gadget. Not sure what it would add to my Garmin 800, but would like to see some independent reviews on it when they get it into full production.
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Pretty neat. Boo for websites that start playing video when you load the page though.

I generally don't like to ride somewhere if I don't already know where I'm going so I'm not sure that this is better than a cue sheet. Also it looks like it's just a phone peripheral, so you'd have to carry a smart phone to use it. But I guess that's not an issue for many people anymore.
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Looks like an interesting product. Not sure how useful it will be and I see some possible short comings. First, the web page intro is lacking in a lot of information so I'm going to have to assume a lot of things. Technically I suppose the HH is working via a bluetooth link-up with your phone ( or not? ). On the plus side they mention that the device is capable of storing the entire map info so a cell tower hook up is not necessary while riding, I like that. They do say however that the device is working with your cell phone ( smart phone ) GPS so I suppose there must be some link.

I'm also wondering how it displays the distance information ( dist. to turn...dist. to destination..etc ) ?? Is there a digital readout?

The big selling point of the designers seems to be simplicity and less distraction. I'm not sure I buy into this. THERE IS NO MENTION OF AUDIBLE PROMPTS. Without audible prompts you have to rely on the flashing leds to know when to turn. This means you have to keep an eye on the unit so you don't miss a turn. Just because it's mounted under your nose doesn't mean you have your eyes glued to it. This can be problematic. Without audible prompts I'm not sure it would be worth the money. Now if it gives a tone prompt or voice prompt I might want one.

The big issue issue is you have no map on demand ( unless you pull out the smart phone ). This comes into play at special intersections where there are *(SEE BELOW) more than one directional choice when making a turn OR a series of quick turns. Heck for that matter you won't know if you made a wrong turn because you have no map or prompt telling you the road you should be on. It is mentioned that the device will give you an led indication when you need to do a U-turn. Perhaps that kicks in if you make a wrong turn, still not the ideal situation.

Summing up; Nothing beats a map when you have questions. Nice to have that map under your face when needed. Would be a pain to have to stop to take the smart phone out but hey, whatever makes your day. I like the concept and the design. It certainly looks better than a smart phone on the stem or bars. Still, give me a nice loud ( adjustable volume ) tone prompt when I'm 100 ft. from my turn and I might be be willing to buy one of these. Otherwise I'm going to continue to use my smart phone on the stem using the Cue Sheet app ( with my audible voice prompts ) ...even if they are sometimes hard to hear.

( * an intersection where there are say two left turns ...which one is yours? Then there's the situation were the road your on changes direction ( makes a turn ) but technically you are still on the same road. ....Heck, even Cue Sheet messes this up but with Cue Sheet if you check the map you will see that you are no longer on the planned route. I've had this happen a couple times now. It will definitely leave you scratching your head and wondering, "How the hell did that happen"? With Cue Sheet if you don't turn onto a NEW ROAD you don't get a prompt. I should probably write them and tell them that because THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED!.. )
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Am I missing something? It appears that this thing will give you visual cues for pre selected/preloaded routes- if you're the type that likes to go exploring and turn to the GPS to bail you out, this thing ain't got nothing for you. Nor did I see a screen on the device itself for all of that data that it claims to display...

Fairly sure that this product is going to be less than useful to those of us who don't enjoy the full use of their visual faculties (at least I know I can't use it)...
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As far as I've surmised, it's simply a visual display. The information comes via Bluetooth LE from the GPS and app on a smartphone.
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Originally Posted by Looigi View Post
As far as I've surmised, it's simply a visual display. The information comes via Bluetooth LE from the GPS and app on a smartphone.
hmmm....Since I have to run this off my smart phone I suppose I could also run some sort of remote BT speaker so I could still hear the Cue Sheet app giving out the turn prompts as they come along. Would be nice though if they included either a remote speaker or had the speaker built in to the unit itself.

You have to admit though that these things do look cool on a bike. The only other thing I might have issue with is how it works at night. I tend not to like any kind of LED indicators shining in my face when riding at night. I even turn the phone screen off when riding at night. I only turn it on when I need to look at the map. Hopefully output on the LED indicators will be adjustable.
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