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    Dual front dynamo headlights - Planet Bike Blaze dynamo?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Shimano dynamo hub wheel with a Planet Bike Blaze dynamo headlight. The headlight is fantastic, incredibly bright, and makes a great daytime running light.

    However, the problem with it is that it is not designed to work with a rear dynamo taillight.

    I own a rear dynamo taillight, and a front Spanninga headlight that can work with a rear taillight.

    Does anyone know of a wiring schematic such that I could use both front LED dynamo headlights, and the rear taillight? I am thinking that I would bring the front Spanninga light in so that I can use the rear light, and then somehow connect the Planet Bike Blaze Dynamo to the front Spanninga and/or dynamohub so that it doesn't go to waste. Remember, the problem is that the Planet Bike Light does not have the taillight connections that a normal dynamo front light would have.

    I don't know much about wiring, so I would like to know exactly what to connect to what!

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Connect the both the positive wires from the two lights to the positive terminal of the generator.
    Connect both of the negative wires from the two lights to the negative terminal of the generator.
    The two lights will be sharing the output of the generator. I believe this would be called running in parallel.

    I have the PB Blaze and have it wired this way, but my second device is not a light but a USB converter charger. When I turn off the PB Blaze, the USB converter receives all of the output from the generator.

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    ZBD is describing a parallel wiring scheme..

    I have the 1w planet bike battery version (the dynamo version is also 1w) on my Bike..

    the hub powers a second headlight, mine is by the fork crown, the taillight is wired to the headlight.

    IDK if the dynamo super flash has a standlight (capacitor) or it goes out when you stop.
    anyone that owns one, speak up ..
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    Even though I often say how I think dynamo lights make more sense than battery lights, I think battery tail lights are fine. Tail lights require a lot less power than headlights, so they don't need battery replacement frequently. So a simple solution for you is to keep your headlight and just add a battery powered tail light.
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