I just bought an Origin 8 Pro Pulsion Surge Pro Light... it's a 6 mode 200 lumen light. Keep in mind I haven't used it yet but what I liked about it is that it's compact and should be pretty bright. This replaces my Blackburn Voyager which is notorious for falling off the clip while riding (wish I read some reviews before I bought that one). I PROBABLY could have got by with a less intense light BUT I live in South Florida, one of the worst places in the country for cyclists. I've never used a light during the daytime, it's been for those early morning weekday rides with about 30 minutes of darkness before sunrise and it's really just to be seen and to avoid getting a ticket.

I'm not familiar with this brand and just wondering if there are any pitfalls to this light versus any other light out there. Thanks in advance. And I'll post back on here after using it with my own two cents as well.