Well after 2 years with the original Garmin Fenix and living through all the teething problems I decided to purchase an Ambit 2 Sapphire from REI today. They are having a great sale at 25% off for the next week or so. After using a free $100.00 gift card for opening a CC account with them a couple of months ago plus my last years dividend the new watch only cost $320.00. I'll probably send my Fenix back, having battery, gps fix, and freezing issues now (sound familiar?). If so the net cost to me will be -$80.00. NOT BAD! Looking forward to receiving the ambit and hope it will be an upgrade. I've been a loyal Garmin customer for over 20 years starting with their bag type car gps systems to the latest Oregon 650 handheld. Currently own 6 of there products. But have to say their quality, customer service and product support has been lacking in the past few years. If you have followed the Fenix boards you are quite familiar with the problems facing that roll out a couple of years ago. It appears that with the new Fenix 2 they haven't learned from their mistakes. Therefore I'll give Suunto a try. Anyone else here use either the Fenix or Ambit? What kind of experiences are you having with your device?