I just wanted to give a little review on the TomTom Multi Sport GPS Cardio Watch with Cadence Sensor. I've been using the watch over the past few week's and it's amazing!!! Key features I love is the Heart rate monitor built to watch along with the GPS the neat software for your phone to monitor your process. It does all the cycle needs plus running and swimming! It keeps track of your heart rate, elevation, speed, pace , rpm basically it does it all. It even has very nice GPS software when you get home or off your phone to cross check your vital sign , pace vs. heart rate vs. speed and so on. It even has a build in trainer what can be set for distance or heart rate to keep you on the up and up so your pace doesn't fall short

I just wanted to let the community know about this new watch which is working great for me and does far more than anyone would ask for. It's a little bit on the pricy side though including you have to purchase the senor which run's around 60 bucks. It keeps track off all your work outs and you don't need to strap on a heart rate monitor which was the biggest thing for me when I'm riding.

Here are some pictures is anyone else using this watch for riding?


Sorry for the bad Iphone pictures.