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    Kudos to Cateye Customer Service

    Just wanted to share a good customer service story:

    Last year I bought a Cateye CC-RD420DW wireless cycle computer and installed it on my flat bar bike with no problems. I used it every time I went cycling and never had an issue with it. Last month when I bought a new road bike I ordered an additional parts kit with the magnets and sensor/transmitter unit, since this computer can be used with two bikes and will remember separate tire sizes and automatically detect which bike you're riding. I installed the magnets and sensor and eventually got it to recognize the second bike, and it worked for a couple of weeks before I started having weird problems. The computer head/display unit would take a long time to start receiving data, and sometimes would just cut out randomly with the display data all going to zero, and then come back later, or not. Frustrating!

    So I started troubleshooting replaced the battery in both the head and transmitter units and reset both. The display would indicate that it could "see" the right bike, but still would not consistently "engage" and start receiving data. At my wits end I called Cateye and spoke to a nice lady in their technical support department, explained in detail what was happening, and answered a few questions that seemed to point to the new sensor/transmitter as being the culprit, as I thought. She took my name, phone number, and address and told me they would mail me a replacement and I should have it within a week. No questions about where I bought it, did I register my purchase with them, no suggestion to issue me an RMA and have me ship the defective unit back to them first, no suggestion that I should return it to the place of purchase. Just a simple "we'll send you a new one".

    Hopefully the new sensor unit will work flawlessly like the original one on my flat bar still does. And I realize that this is the way customer service should happen it's just that so often an issue like this winds up becoming a lot more of a hassle than it should be. So kudos to Cateye for their outstanding customer service (and I hope I don't have to amend this post later!).

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    That is outstanding. I've never needed to call them, but I had a feeling it's a good company.

    I had a problem with my Blackburn light, and the woman on the phone at Blackburn was very helpful.
    Please email me rather than sending me a private message. My address is

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