Hi to you all!

I'm excited and happy to share a piece of good news. There will be a biking event in Bulgaria between 23rd-25th August, 2008 which will start from the town of Belene and following the stream of the Danube river will finish in the town of Ruse. You can check the route online at http://maps.google.com by using search words like "Bulgaria, Ruse" and then "Danubian tour". The event is organized by NGO "Perspectives BG" as part of a project aiming at getting people involved in eco-friendly activities and making biking more popular polution-free means of transport. The said Danubian route makes its way through rustic scenery off- and on-road trails and this event will be the inauguration of the newly-established route.

We will be glad to have you as our fellow bike-riders on this trip. For more details, please contact us at perspectives_BG@myway.com.