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    Amsterdam (Surrounding Areas) - Help


    Long time lurker - rarely a poster but I need some help!

    I'm headed to Amsterdam next week for only a few days and would like to rent a high-end bike for a 60ish mile ride. I'm bring my shoes/pedals/clothes. A few questions:

    1. What to wear: It looks like the weather will be a high of 48 with some clouds. I live in a very dry climate and 48 is very enjoyable riding weather (especially if the sun is out) but really have no experience riding in a damp 48. I'm thinking long tights (lined) and a soft shell riding top over some other layers....thoughts?
    2. Where can I rent a good bike - I would prefer something fancy (with Campy) but would settle for a decent bike with Ultegra (ugg).
    3. I'm assuming there are some good loops and once I'm out of the city by a few miles, it will become enjoyable. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate it.

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    A little late but is a comapny who rents all kind of bikes from a tandem to a normal cruiser it's in Scheveningen The Hague near Amsterdam if you take the train



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