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Thread: seat and shorts

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    seat and shorts

    Hello, I need your suggestion about what seat and shorts to buy. I use to cycle for quite long distances over 100 km and always feel uncomfortable on my seat. The seat I have now irritates my skin when cycling for a long time. Can you suggest me a good seat and shorts to make my journeys more confortable please? Thanks

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    Probably you have posted this to the wrong forum - depending on what kind of cycling you are doing, you would get more of a response in another place, such as the Road Cycling forum, etc.

    But also, you haven't given us enough information to give you any advice. What kind of bicycle are you riding and what sort of rides are you doing?

    Almost certainly you would benefit from wearing padded cycling shorts. And probably you should be reminded to not wear underwear under your shorts. But as to the saddle you should be using, that varies tremendously on the bicycle type, the type of riding, and the individual. Even for the same bicycle and type of riding, different riders will prefer different saddles.

    Finally, being uncomfortable in the saddle may not have anything to do with the saddle, but instead could be related to the fit - the size of the frame, the height and position of the saddle, etc.

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