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    Statistics on bicycle safety in Copenhagen

    In May I had a two day stay in Copenhagen while on vacation. On my return to Toronto, I wrote to the department of traffic about bicycle collisions because Copenhagen has such a large population of cyclists.

    I've always suspected the risk to pedestrians by motorists is much higher than by cyclists. Obviously because a collision with a motorist can cause serious fatal injury whereas by cyclists fatalities are rare - but does happen. Opponents would claim that it's because there are so many motorists and so few cyclists and that cyclists with their small numbers are still a hazard.

    So the person at the Copenhagen Traffic Safety gave me a five year statistic from 2008 to 2012. Total collisions on pedestrians by motorist vs by cyclist are approximately 10:1 (not including unreported cases) using total numbers, not by ratio.

    So unless I have the population of cyclists and motorist, this doesn't tell me the safety comparison per vehicle or per km.

    A few days later, the dept wrote to me again with some number crunching.

    "Injured pedestrians pr cycled/driven billion km (10^9) (data from 2008-2012)
    accidents by cyclists - 0.5killed and 16.1 seriously injured
    accidents by all types of motorists - 2.7killed, 30.9 seriously injured

    The pedestrian killed by a bicycle was 1 person in 2008."

    I read somewhere the % of cyclist can be from 37% to 55%. Is this correct?

    Furthermore, 2.7pedestrian killed and 30.0injured per billion km driven? That's impressive for motorists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel4 View Post
    Furthermore, 2.7pedestrian killed and 30.0injured per billion km driven? That's impressive for motorists.
    One bonus to everyone riding a bicycle is that it makes them better drivers.

    The 35-50% number is the percent of trips made by bicycle. The miles covered will be much less, since bike trips tend to be much shorter.

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