Hello guys,i m in the market for a new road bicycle it is going to be my first road bike so any suggestion and advice between those 2 bikes would be very helpful. 35 years old now generally good shape but not very flexible i want the bike more for brevets and long distances and 'maybe' some races i say maybe because i dont know how it will ends maybe i race some time maybe i will not.i dont like the look of the endurance bikes so i was looking in something between race and endurance that companies call sportive.i think that i m going to use the bike more lets say allround fast bike.i have tested only 5 bikes (scott speedster,caad 8,giant defy 1,caad 5 and orbea orca Bronze)all with shimano 105 components and i ended up with orbea orca bronze for 1500 euros but next day i saw in a lbs an offer in caad 3 with ultegra for 1700 euros and i got confused.both are 2014 version and the only diferrence i ve noticed from the test ride it was that i felt the carbon frame of orbea more soft and smooth than the others.on the caad 5 i remember that i felt more racy than the orbea and thats why i ended up with orbea.my question is,isnt it a bargain the caad 3 with 1700 euros to just pass it by?is it going to be the 'wrong bike' for me to buy it?
thank you in advance guys...
Orca B M50 ? Orbea

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