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    Riding Mountain bikes with a 31 year old..

    Five years back we both were a bit over weight and a alot out of shape. We had never met, I got a mountain bike and started riding. Then a guy at work who had more than two decades on mountain bikes and raced all over Germany started teaching me the ropes.
    I started getting better, baby steps as I had a body to whip into shape.

    This 26 year old I had not yet met got a mountain bike and started riding about the same time.

    I got talked into 'STRAVA' so I could chart my progress and compare with others my age. I was 51 then btw. Some months later he 'friended' me I think Is the trash English term ?,, on Strava. A few 'IM's' back n forth, he Said I was his Inspiration,,LoL me ? Ha ! I was a very crappy rider that first year.

    The beginning of second year we met and rode together. I had to ease up for him..
    The third year, he was getting hard to catch, we both had dropped weight, got some skills in our bag~o~Tricks and were each at our own level getting stronger and faster.

    We didn't ride together very often as we both are working stiff's with varying work days and hours but we 'Strava raced' and he was across the board faster than I..
    Now In our fifth year and both on our second mountain bikes we managed to hook up yesterday for a ride. I told him, "Ride your ride and I will see you at the segment ends, Get your work out."
    We rode together on some trails and he waited for me on others. At 56 keeping up with his 31 year old engines,(legs) seemed Impossible.

    But then I found a Kink In his armor, I could out run him In the open high speed rolling hills,, Odd I thought.

    I asked him what's up and he said his bike had a wobble, he got off and grabbed the rear tire, shook it and sure enough the bike looked like something was loose. The quick release axle was properly tight, seat and crank were tight. Then I checked the neck/head set.. Bingo! found it.

    I reset that, showing him how and told him to get the stem roughed up for a better hold and off we went... Dang, There was just no catching those 31 year old engines of his anymore..

    I got a mean workout, a full body workout as my arms, shoulders and abs were more sore this AM than my legs, Mountain biking is often a full body workout...

    I'm good, chasing a younger far more powerful rider was a blast. I made him work for it on certain trail segments, maybe next time I'll get in Front of him.

    Ok I'm done..
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