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Thread: biking is best

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    4 weeks away from my big ride of the year, and Boy am I shattered. This ride is going to be hard, so I have been spending extra sessions at the gym to get the fitness up for the ride. Leg strength has gone up, body weight is at the lowest for 5 years as the little surplus fat has converted to muscle, and cardio vascular is good.
    Problem is yesterday. My Tandem partner and I actually got out on an offroad ride yesterday, instead of these quick 40 mile blasts on the road, or just just a bit of offroad, as the weather and tracks were not that good. Hills were taken a couple of gears higher than we normally would, but the cadence was kept up to normal. On the flat we were pushing it, and Stuart let me know that he still has the downhill skills to react quickly to the Tandem doing funny things. I've forgotten the number of times we were broadside through corners, and the number of low branches I found when he went off line to keep the speed up probably means that a new helmet is on the cards.
    Problem is not really yesterday- it is today. All that extra gym training and putting in the miles on the road, have not done agreat deal to tune the body to the rigours of aggressive offroading.My legs feel like lead, and my torso has found a couple of new Muscles I did not know were there. Moral of this episode is, if you want to get fit for biking, put in extra biking as your main training.

    As an aside to this, My heart rate that has not been getting too high at the gym, and I put down to a general lowering of heart rate due to training, is still lower than it was 6 months ago. At age of 58, I treat my max as 165, but haven't seen more than 155 at the gym, on the long hills I felt comfortable at 155, but managed to see 160 on most of them, but at sometime I hit 170, and did not notice it. Only for a spell of a minute or so, but the HR will still get up under exersion.
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    Moral of this episode is, if you want to get fit for biking, put in extra biking as your main training.
    The gym work and conditioning will pay off in other areas (recovery time, etc)
    Time in the saddle cannot be replaced

    My gal and I (both 50 this year) are one month away from our 360 week-long tour. I've done touring (not for 3o + years) she has never. She frets. I think we are doing okay. About 500 miles in the saddle over the last 6 weeks. The weather has sucked for consistency. yesterday we almost mailed it in... temps in the upper 40's, winds straight in our faces at 20 MPH! I think in all of the training rides we've done, there has been only one where the temps were in the low 70's! Character builder.

    Still... we put two rides back to back of over 40 miles (42 and 66). I think it will be fine.
    NOw, we are not tandem riders... there's another dynamic, eh?

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