Just to report that Mindy and I completed the Bike North Woods tour here in Wisconsin
We signed up in January as a challenge for our 50th years. We both got newer road bikes and did over 700 miles of training rides over a 2+ month period.
The tour was over typical Wisconsin topography -- much rolling hills, some headwinds, and miles and miles thru National forest. 380 miles total with extra options. Bad heat on one day, otherwise it went fine. Biked to the top of Timm's Hill, highest point in Wisconsin, and up to Lake Superior

bike North woods is an EXCELLENT outfit! (bikenorthwoods.com)
Eric and KAthy do a great job. Well fed, lots of fun, not too many riders (under 400)
And the average age of riders is 52.3 years! We had two riders who were 79!

They do one northwoods ride every summer, so think about next year