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Thread: Winter clothing

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    Winter clothing

    Middle of Summer and I bring up this subject. Fact is I have been riding for a great number of years, and have accumulated a great amount of Cycle clothing. What made me think of this is that we have Rain promised for the weekend, only promised so it may not happen again. I have just sorted out my waterproof clothing for a ride and I suddenly realised that most of it was bought in the Summer sales at various stores and internet sites.

    I do not ride in leggings, but I do have a pair of nickers-- long shorts that cover the knees and they are made of Roubaix material that is warm and water repellant. In the winter, I normally ride in the short sleeve top and a long sleeve top that is once again made of roubaix. Then I start on the water and showerproof tops-- I have 6 of them. The goretex that is completely waterproof and breathable. The Goretex copy that is too thick but water proof, A Polaris top that is downpour proof and breathes but not completely waterproof in prolongued rain, A Nike showerproof that packs into a small bag round the waist so gets used quite often. A sports top that is completely waterproof that I never wear as it does not breath, and then I come onto the one that even gets used in the summer. It is a pertex top- not waterproof but is completely wind proof and very light, and packs into the size of my fist so very handy.

    Winter riding is not great fun, but if you are prepared for it- then can be enjoyable. Look out for that cycling top now in the summer sales and save a fortune. The only item I am missing at present is one of the cheap plasticky tops that has vents down the sides for summer riding. Cheap to buy, very usefull even in winter, and not a disaster when it gets ripped on the brambles on the trails.

    Whats clothing do the rest of you use in the winter? may not even be cycling or sports specific, but if any tips can be passed onto the rest of us, we will ALL be able to get out on those cold, wet, windy winter days. Can't wait for them to come.

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    Normally this would be in winter cycling subforum, but since we are thinking about getting additional clothing I guess it'd fit here.

    Finding what is the right clothing is a big guessing game. It all depends on
    -- average temps in your area
    -- average wind in your area
    -- average moisture in your area
    -- your physical condition at the time.

    Most everyone's "Guide to what to wear" works for them but is not transportable to others. The best method of finding out what is in the right range for you is to track your personal riding experiences:
    -- wind speed
    -- your speed
    -- humidity
    -- what you wore
    -- your notes on how it worked: cold - cool - ok - warm - hot

    Given all that, the biggest variable in winter is the wind chill. NWOA table shows frostbite/Wind chill @ 30mph wind
    above minus17 F >30 minutes
    minus 18 F..minus 33 F 30 minutes
    minus 34 F..minus 54 F 10 minutes
    below minus 54 F 5 minutes

    Your bike will provide some of that 30 mph wind, so be prepared. I usually dress from wind chill charts and not just from temperatures. Here's a cheat list I use assuming outside wind at about 11 mph.

    Temps above 65F/18C -- just normal riding gloves
    between 40..65F/4..18C --- windproof gaunlet rock climbing gloves, windbreaker
    between 36F..40F/2..4C --- add fleece layer
    between 28..35F/-2..2C -- add glove liners
    between 20..27F/-7..-3C -- add ski mask, tights/legwarmers
    lower temps -- add goretex pants

    It only gets down to 10F rarely here, so I have no experience at colder temps.

    What I need to add is some lightweight waterproof top at temps above 65. We get so little rain, it's not usually a problem here. Ususually with the rain comes lightning, and I don't ride in lightning conditions.
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