Anyone here doing Cycle NC 10/1-10/8 by chance? It starts south of Asheville, NC and takes cyclists to Wilmington (near the coast) over 6 days. I'm guessing it's probably 420 miles +/- of total riding for the week. Cyclists have options of camping indoors (gyms) or outdoors or staying in motels. I think they cap the number of riders at 1200.

I did it 2 years ago and it is right much fun-especially if you enjoy camping and meeting other folks. They have incredible support and it's amazing to see a "little city" move from town to town. They provide hot showers on a really nice portable tractor-trailer. Meal tickets for breakfast and supper can be purchased and are supplied by the civic groups in whatever town the stop is in.

When I rode 2 years ago I think the average age of the riders was around 52.

This year the overnight stay on the 3rd day is in my hometown. I had planned to at least ride the first 3 days but my wife's schedule might keep me from participating at all.

I was out doing a little solo ride today and saw where they had already marked the roads in my area for the ride.