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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Our gym has treadmills with different "fitness tests" that are pre programmed.

So, one can take a variety of fitness tests, including a 5 minute "quickie."

They typically give you a pretty good incline and I do the test at a rate of 4.5 miles per hour.

However, you must have a regular, measurable heart rate to do the test.

I used to do the test prior to my atrial fibrillation, and always got either an "elite" or an "excellent. But, since my AFib, my heart rate was not regularly measurable - sort of like beat . beat . . . . . . beat . beat . . . beat . . . .

So, today, following my heart PVA ablation in August, for the first time in over a year, I was able to take the test again, and came out "elite" which means that the old ticker must be percolating along pretty well.

I'm not bragging, because every regular rider here would also get either excellent or elite. Just comes with the territory of being a regular rider.

But, it WAS sort of fun!

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Good News Dnvrfx!!
You keep coming right along. You should be proud. I'd be yelling my head off.
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Old 12-09-05, 01:19 PM   #3
Get A Life - Get A Bike
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Congratulations, Dnvr! Sounds like you're doing great!

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I'm glad to hear it Dnvr. Now all we have to do is transplant your sense of humor to Digital Gee and the group will be complete.
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Time for a change.
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Leave D.G, as he is. I couldn't imagine the forum without D.G's comments. ( I could but his antics do bring a smile to me.)
Heart problems are the worry or are a concern of most at our age, so it is good to see that Dnvr is well on the road to recovery. Just proves that our sunday mornings away from the Garden do have some good effect.

Incidentally- almost time to start my Winter gym stint again and at the start I always start off with a fitness test. After putting in my age,height and weight I do the 5 minute test and I always get a "Good for my age" result. In 4 months time I will do the test again and I will get a "Good for my age" result. Perhaps I should work harder.
How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

Spike Milligan
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Berry Pie..the Holy Grail
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Dnvr..........congrats......a solid reassurance that those early morning spinervals, shepherding those doctors, those google searches to educate yourself on Afib etc. have all come full circle and that taking personal responsibility for oneself is a key factor in well-being. Nothing succeeds like success---got time for a 40 miler before dinner?

**On second thought, forget the beer......make it a carrot juice.
..... "I renewed my youth, to outward appearance, by mounting a bicycle for the first time." Mark Twain, Speeches
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Dnvr, a great result for you. You'll sleep very soundly tonight, I'm sure! Set-backs and ups and downs are a given for many of us from here on out. But it sure is good news -- and a relief -- when we see our health and vitality turn around once again in a positive way. The body has incredible regenerative powers.
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dnvr - now you can enjoy the magnificance of nature's beauty on your rides on Denver's country roads with the realization that all is well with nature, body and soul.
Enjoy and keep it up .
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