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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 01-29-06, 08:47 PM   #26
Gene James
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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I've been slowed my a knee replacement now only averaging about 120 miles a week. So, I ve been hitting the gym three days a week. My son is a weight lifter and all of their pre-workout drinks have 200-300mm of caffeine in them. Trust me, it works.
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Old 01-30-06, 06:56 PM   #27
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Seems to me that Lance insisted not only on coffee before riding, but a specific coffee... He didn't do to bad......
Carpe who?
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Old 01-31-06, 07:58 AM   #28
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Mmmmmmmmmmm .... Coffee!!!
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Old 01-31-06, 08:08 AM   #29
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No coffee for 20 years (not even decaf).

It makes your insides turn brown.

It also (including decaf) does some very strange things (I wouldn't want to mention them here) to my body. In fact, anything with caffeine does the same things (decaf retains some caffeine).

Dnvr "The water drinker" Fox

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Old 01-31-06, 09:39 PM   #30
OM boy
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Originally Posted by Digital Gee
They'll take my coffee away when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Without a cup of joe in the morning, and especially before a ride, I am like a fifty-five year old man, grumpy and complaining about this and that, unable to smile or see the humor in anything, and ... wait ... that's me anyway. Well, I still want my coffee!

and cafe - 'Nectar O da Gods' (at least when its not an appropriate hour for a glass of Chateau Thames Enbankment...)
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Old 02-07-06, 11:43 PM   #31
LMCM wannabe
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Coffee does it for me. 'cause I'm tryin to lose weight, I don't eat before my morning ride. The coffee fires up the gastro-oesophageal reflex, so I get to "go" before leaving home. Beats using the seat as a cork for 50 klicks!!!
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Old 02-09-06, 08:54 PM   #32
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It's Italian Roast brewed in my french press before rolling for me.
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Old 02-09-06, 09:14 PM   #33
Berry Pie..the Holy Grail
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Location: Weaving thru the cowpud outside Modesto CA
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Post cold morning ride coffee laced with chocolate Endurox......not exactly a mocha, but......
..... "I renewed my youth, to outward appearance, by mounting a bicycle for the first time." Mark Twain, Speeches
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Old 02-09-06, 11:37 PM   #34
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Hmmmmm, Koffee before exercise?

Oops, I mean coffee????
Silver Eagle Pilot
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Old 02-10-06, 12:16 PM   #35
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I'll roll by gas stations all day and not even give it a thought - but an espresso stand? NOT!
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Old 02-10-06, 06:28 PM   #36
Thread Starter
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I don't expect anyone to believe me on this, but . . .

a little over a heaping tablespoon of Nestle's Taster's Choice, with two Tbs of Benefiber and a dollop of half'n-half makes a venti-sized mug that's as good as a Starbucks Latte.

Only thing is, you've got to leave room for some cold water to cool down the boiling water from a tea pot or you can't drink it for half an hour!

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Old 02-10-06, 07:30 PM   #37
Nefarious Reprobate
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Originally Posted by wagathon good as a Starbucks Latte.
IMNSHO, anything is as good as a Starbucks Latte. Give me good old gas station coffee, anytime!
Dennis T
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Old 02-10-06, 10:47 PM   #38
Junior Member
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I am drinking coffee as I'm reading this thread and will probably have another before bed. I do, however, have a time trial in the moring and one cup will get me going. I can't drink more than that as I would have to pull over and drain some before the finish line. Makes for a slower elasped time...
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Old 02-11-06, 04:17 PM   #39
Third World Layabout
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Location: Costa Rica
Bikes: Cannondale F900 and Tandem
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People around me can testify that is dangerous not to drink coffee - that is for someone to deprive me of Coffee. It is so bad I moved to Costa Rica to be closer to my supply... I don't drink more than 3 to 4 cups a day - but don't get in the way of them.

Come on, be serious, without that cup of coffee, I might not have enough ambition to even go for that bike ride...

That is what coffee is - liquid ambition.

Why, just this morning I told my wife she was showing that she just isn't a sensitive person. She was leaning up against the sink and telling me something - and thereby preventing my access to the water for my first cup.

She apologized - she understands the need for the first cup.

I have a cure for any researcher who says anything against coffee. I will do without coffee until he writes something favorable - and he will be in the same room as me.

I promise you he will be inspired - quickly...
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Old 02-11-06, 05:58 PM   #40
Let's do a Century
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Let's see......the last coffee I drank was when I was studying for college exams in the spring of '74. I love the aroma but the brown stuff just never did anything for me.

Used to wake up to the sounds of the percolator in the kitchen growing up though....
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Old 02-15-06, 12:26 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by BluesDawg
No coffee? What a ridiculous idea. I don't even want to think about it.
I agree, no Coffee is a ridiculous idea, almost as ridiculous as no beer!! The very idea is utterly unthinkable...

Reminds me of the new Outback Steakhouse comercials where the guy is talking about being a vegetarian - well I'm not a strict vegeterian - I still eat beef - and pork - and chicken... LOL

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Old 02-15-06, 12:36 AM   #42
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Posts: 1,366
This is a funny thread. Read it while sipping my steaming cup of French Roast coffee. A cup of expresso is the reason why I ride my daily loops. I am at the age that I can get the old endorphins up, get to a great expresso and pastery shop, enjoy a sip and a bite, and ride home a completely relaxed individual. No heart meds or other stress meds other than my childs St Josephs asperin daily.
I am on the 4 F diet (F*@! Fat Free Food). I just eat a lot less of what I like to maintain a healthy profile and include more veggies and fruit. Wt maintenance and exercise is one way to stay healthy...Give up coffee NEVER!!!!
By the way I'm 63 and still ride the high mt passes here in CO.
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