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    Hi Folks,

    I would really appreciate your assistance in selecting the best size frame. I am a 50 year old male and am re-entering cycling after a hiatus of several years. I have decided to pick up a Motobecane Immortal. I am 5'11' with a 32.5 inch inseam and am trying to decide between a 56 cm and a 59 cm frame. I spoke with one tech who thought that the 59 was a bit large and another who thought the 56 cm might feel cramped. Perhaps they're both correct! I realize the I could probably adjust either to fit properly, but would be interested in your recommendations. Although I used to put in pretty heavy miles and did some club racing, I expect that my rides will be mostly fitness oriented these days. I know that ideally I would have my local shop fit me, but I have decided to order via the net. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: Well I guess nobody had any thoughts on this. I ended up ordering a 59. Thanks anyway.
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