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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Grampy™ and the Landrider…..

Ok, so there I was, riding along on this beautiful spring evening on my shiny spit shined titanium, full Ultegra bike, all pimped out with my Nokon cables and Topolino wheels and lookin’ mighty fine, even if I do say so myself. When I passed this guy on a comfort bike.
Now I’m just not a “blow-by-‘em-kind-of-guy”, both in ability and by nature. I’m more of a “ease-up-beside-‘em-and-say-howdy-how-ya-doin’-kind-of-guy”, visit a minute or two, wish ‘em a pleasant evening, and ease on by.
So anyway, I was past my “ease-up-beside-‘em-and-say-howdy-how-ya-doin’-kind-of-guy”, thing and was about to expand our conversation into the realm of what a beautiful evening it was when all of a sudden I was bushwhacked!
Now, the way this guy was struggling to keep his bike going I was truly amazed he could speak. The guy was bobbin’ up and down with every pedal stroke, like he was going up some mountain…. The trail through this section is about as flat as a billiard table. I was fully expecting to do about 99.9% of the “visiting” and then move on. Like I said, this guy Bushwhacked me!
He started going off on how I need to get rid of that “obsolete” style of bike I was riding and get one of these Ultra-easy-to-ride…..LANDRIDERS. I was stunned into silence. He started in on this 5 minute diatribe about how modern his bike was compared to mine. How much easier it was to ride, how his bike anticipates his every need to shift. How difficult it is for me to shift. I must have had the “deer in the headlights” kind of look, which only encouraged him to go on….. I couldn’t get a friggin’ word in edgewise…
We came to a small hill and he finally ran out of enough wind to ride and talk…… and just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t tell him what a piece of crap he had, I just couldn’t start in on what my bike weighed compared to his, that my wheels were probably more expensive than his whole bike. I just couldn’t pop this guy’s bubble. I must be getting soft…. I just looked into his puffy little round, red, face and I just told him I’d think on it, proved that I must be a Rocket scientist by up shifting twice, stood up and sprinted away.

Coming soon, “Grampy™ and the Amazons, Part II”.
Carpe who?
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Great post. Funniest story I've heard in a while.
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I, that's I, especially like the part about the Topolino wheels! Plus you have them on a Ti bike. Man you are a cool dood! edit - sounded kinda rude - but look at my profile!
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Oh, the power of informercials and advertising!
Just smile and wave next time . . .
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Digital Gee
I need more cowbell.
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Originally Posted by Big Paulie
Also, was this the guy you encountered on the Landrider?
I had started to think you were an alright guy, based on a few recent posts, like the rant you went on regarding helmets (to which I agree, of course), and then this.

I shall not even consider being merciful.
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Digital Gee
I need more cowbell.
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Originally Posted by Big Paulie
OK, OK. Photo changed! Put away that Big Paulie voodoo doll!

(Or, at least add a smilie or two!)
OMG. He believed me.
2015 Sirrus Elite
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Let's do a Century
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I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter. When is due to the published??
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Time for a change.
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First ride I did after my bypass was a 40 mile organised ride. Lots of grades of riders and I did it on my own- not with my normal group, and I set my Mountain bike up with thin slicks- took everything off it that was going be excesive baggage and lowered the stem- Got the weight down to 19lbs but it was a light bike with all the trick gear on it and was a custom frame that Was good.. It was a recovery ride after the op so wanted things to be easy, and rode with a great number of different riders. Two who stuck out as memorable. One was a mountain biker on the latest "Wallmart" full suspension Mountain bike. Rode with him for about 3 miles and he was telling me about the type of rides he did, Most of which I had done and some were pretty tough. My mountain bike was a bit out of date and would not work offroad-Didn't even have suspension on the front, and you can't go fast unless you have suspension and I had 24 gears which was a waste of effort as He only used 18 and he was fast. Then we came to a moderate hill- only a 12% for about half a mile. As we hit the bottom of the hill- He got off and started walking. Then later on As the ride got some short sharp hills, I came across a group of Club roadies with all the latest gear. Lightweight bikes Made of Chromoly steel and aluminium and they only weighed 20lbs, Big rings and smallrear casssettes, Obviously as a mountain biker trying to look like a roadie- I was looked down upon. Hit the short sharp hills and gradually the group dwindled to 3 of us. Then the fast downhill for 500yards. All I thought of on the downhill was- There is going to some payment for the speed. There was. A nice little 20% for 200 yards then 25% for the final bit. Stayed with the two other roadies and we got chatting and one wanted to ride my bike so we swopped for a mile or so. Turned out that he was an LBS owner in London and wanted to see what the opposition was building. He did apoligise for the "Posers" but they were his customers and they paid the bills. His passing comment was that they were going to go through hell if they could not keep up with a person that had a Heart problem.

Posers- I love them but I am going to meet one some day that can ride the top end bike that he is on. As long as it is not Someone from this forum- I think I will be able to handle it.
How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

Spike Milligan
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That's what I keep telling Digital Gee, get decent equipment that fits you, modify to suit, and you'll ride more because you like it. Everyone else leaves it in the garage and says something like; Yeah, I gotta bike too. Go figure.
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