Sundays ride was going to be out to Ditchling Beacon to see the poor unfortunates that get get their bike out once a year for the London To Brighton Ride. Didn't know whether to go offroad to give me a round trip of 70 miles or to go on the Road bike and do around 100. All those plans are changed as One of my customers has had one of his team members on the ride drop out at the last minute. I will be doing the ride as an official rider, and I do not think I will be enjoying it. This is not a good ride unless you can get away early, and we have an 8AM start. Just enough time for all the hills and slopes to be blocked with walkers. It will give me a chance to get some photos of the ride for you, but how you will see the scenery through all the pollution coming off 33,000 riders is anybody's guess. Will give me a chance to see if the 30 sprocket works up Ditchling so at least some good will come out of it.

Not a great deal of prep to do on the bike but will have to get a speedo on it for the drop down Cold Dean Lane into Brighton. Got 52.8 on the Tandem when we went down it last year but we had an excuse then. A car got in our way. At least on Sunday this section of the road will be closed to cars.