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Thread: Memorable rides

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    Memorable rides

    I had a few minutes to take a look back at the different rides I've done since I started riding. Here are the number of 100k's (62-90+ miles) and 100 milers+ that I've ridden over a span of 5 1/2 years.

    Obviously there was quite a jump in the number of longer rides-especially the 100 milers-that I did last year. Currently I'm on pace to exceed the 100 milers this year by a ride or two.

    Most memorable Century: my first one-MS ride to the beach in 2002-113 miles and avg'd 18.3 mph
    Longest Century: 118 miles-2005 Assault on Mt Mitchell-also longest time-wise and most painful!!
    Favorite Century: Bridge to Bridge-102 miles w finish on Grandfather Mountain-Great views and crowds!
    Fastest Century: (Tie) Bikefest in 2005-102 miles in 4hr 50 mins; Fletcher Flyer in 2006-102 miles in 4hr 50 mins

    Year 100k's 100 Milers

    2001 3 0
    2002 8 1
    2003 23 3
    2004 26 3
    2005 28 13
    2006 14 9 Thru June
    Total 102 29

    My next project is to do a time comparison on rides that I've done for several years.

    What memorable rides come to mind for you?
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