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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Originally Posted by old99
Best visual and the one that finally got to me was butter; butter has about the same volume as fat. So imagine carrying 4 sticks of butter (a package here in the US) for every pound you have to lose. 30 pounds? 120 sticks. 50 pounds, 200 sticks. Spread them around your body, maybe tuck the extra ones into your pants.
But I really, really like butter!
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Originally Posted by NOS88
But I really, really like butter!
Yeah, me too! Butter melting on a big 'ol warm, flaky biscuit with homemade applebutter...hmmm--beats pie anyday. What's really funny is that as a child of the 60's it was pretty much impressed into me that butter was bad and margarine was good. So we ate margarine--had crowns popping out of the tops of our heads and everything--great entertainment at dinnertime. Just kidding.

Having our diets determined by the marketing department of General Foods, Ralston, and others has got a lot of us screwed up. Now we find out how bad margarine really is--trans fats, cholesterol--so eating butter is now good again. Just in moderation, of course. Go figure.

DG--thanks for changing your avatar back. I was beginning to get freaked out with the last couple.
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Originally Posted by old99
DG--thanks for changing your avatar back. I was beginning to get freaked out with the
last couple.
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OK, so use margarine boxes instead. Still makes the same point!

And I like ice cream!

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- good to read all is OK...

- just went through the half-century checkup routine, and am also on the road to a lighter 'frame'...

- btw, for male 50+s here:

if you haven't had one yet, get a colonoscopy... if the doc finds any questionable polyps, they can usually be removed on the spot - saving you a revisit or much grief further down the road...

- i actually had fun during mine... after being prepped on the gurney and wheeled into the exam room, i found two nurses pinching each other and playing graba**... my doc was sitting at a desk, finishing a Happy Meal™ and reading the sports page of the local fishwrap... one nurse turns to the other and says, "Hey, he looks like a Frenchie! Let's take his picture!" She grabs the business end of the scope, flicks a switch to light the two high-power LEDs, nearly sticks it up my nose, then snaps a few pictures... I ask, "Promise you won't upload those to the Internet?" "No problem, sweetie," she says, fitting the nasal mask over my face, then adds, "Count to three."

i think i got to 'Two' ... an hour and a half later i wake up in a recovery room feeling pretty good, but not remembering a darn thing about the exam...


p.s. also glad to read that the numbness has disappeared/abated... bike fit is key!

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+ 1 on colonoscopy at 50 - after hearing so many horror stories, my own last year was eeezzzyyy - the prep evening before was inconvenient but certainly not as horrible as I'd heard from others
They're beautiful handsome machines that translate energy into joy.
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Yep, my first colonoscopy at age 61 revealed two large polyps which were removed then and there. The biopsy proved to be negative but the doctor told me afterwards that he was pretty worried. He said I would likely have been in serious trouble had I waited much longer.
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