Conversations from another thread got me to thinking...

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You, my friend, have a very rare opportunity in front of you. You can forge a relationship with your LBS owner that will serve you well for years to come.... if you play it right.

Being a new cyclist and being eager to learn more, I have been somewhat careful about going into a local bike shop (there were two close by when I started getting serious about cycling) and asking stupid questions. Fortunately, I discovered Bike Forums and the 50+ crowd about the same time. It's much easier to ask a lot of the dumb questions here first and not get crucified. That being said, it can only be a good thing to have a productive relationship with a LBS. As luck would have it, a brand new shop just opened in my town and I happened to drop in as the owner was opening boxes of bikes and beginning to assemble them. It turns out that he and I both own businesses that lend themselves to cross promotion. In fact, several of my customers have already started to partronize his shop. I've probably been in his shop at least five or six times since he opened to buy some small items and to test ride one of his bikes. I am not expecting freebies and special treatment from the guy. I just figure, if I can play a small part in helping to make his business a success, then I will always have a place where I can do business locally and get really good service. Hopefully this is one of those "rare" opportunites!