Check out - I participated in this fund raiser for the "Tree Fund". It's the signature fundraising event for the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (Tree Fund). This year's ride started in Thunder Bay Ontario. The first night was spent in Grand Marais for a first day's ride of 86 miles, most of it along the shores of Lake Superior. The second day took us to Duluth. That was my longest days ride to date, 114 miles culminating at the top of the city where we stayed at the U of M at Duluth in dorms. (Many thanks to James who had a word of encouragement at just the moment I needed it most). The third day we made our way to Bayfield WI for 100 miles to make it an even 300 for the first three days. Hiway 13 across northern WI was wonderful, smooth asphalt with a paved shoulder. Again, we stayed right on the shores of Superior. Day four took us south to Hayward WI. This was probably the easiest day with 90 miles. From Hayward we journeyed west to Hinkley MN. This was our shortest mileage day but the toughest challenge with some killer hills and temps well over 100. The next morning we had breakfast by flashlight (storm had hit and power was out) The first 30 or 35 miles were in a downpour with a headwind. Once it stopped raining, it was nice for just a bit before climbing back to 100. 90 miles on day six but it did include a lot of bike trail riding which seems to be so much easier. Day seven concluded the ride with just 17 miles, with the 60+ riders circling through a downtown Minneapolis park to hundreds of cheering supporters. What a tremendous experience it was for me personally. The group conducted numerous "tree events" and tree plantings along the way, raising awareness of the importance of trees to the quality of our lives. The urban forest is under attack on many fronts and we were able to raise roughly $300k to aid the research need to help keep our forests healthy. The minimum needed to be raised to participate in the "Tour" is $3500. For the experience of a lifetime, I encourage you to join this great group of people, people who are both bike and tree enthusiasts. Next years tour will be in California, likely northern CA thru the Napa valley etc. Check it out!