The Tour to Tanglewood MS 140 is scheduled for next week here in the Piedmont of NC. I have3 signed up for it and am looking forward to it. Saturday the 9th will be 100 miles with a nice recovery ride of 40 miles on Sunday morning.
As part of this ride, the Assoc schedules a series of pre-rides throughout the area. I missed all of them until this morning. Left an LBS on the south side of Winston Salem at 8:30 and rode a very comfortable 57 miles before I returned home. It was a nice course laid out through the country south of W-S and I would say they had a good turnout of approx 100 riders.
Next Saturday those riding the century will set out at 7:30. Based upon how I rode today I think I will be okay.
It is so rare that I ride with others that I find it to be fun. I came upon a small group riding at about my pace and joined them for most of the ride. It was fun as each person took their turn pulling.
Also there was support in the form of bike shop crews at the break spot for quick repairs and for that matter, just having a break spot with fresh oranges, cookies, water, etc. Those of you who do this frequently must consider it old hat, but for me this was a real treat
It made for a great morning ride.
Any other 50+ riding the Tour To Tanglewood next weekend.