Decided to do something different today so we drove north to Pahokee and road the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail. Not much on the internet other than a map so we were not completely sure what to expect. Well if you can imagine a very large shallow lake with a 30 foot berm around it and a MUP on top you have the picure.

The path was asphalt and about 5ft wide and in good shape, but every few miles you would run into an access road witch went across the MUP. At these points there were gates to prevent cars from driving down the path. You had to go around these by unclipping one foot and going very slowly. In addition there was not a single tree or very much of anything along the path. So on one side you could look off for miles into the suger cane fields and the other was the lake.

The scenary was the same for the whole 30mi and back so we got pretty bored. Since you were on the top of this berm you had direct sunlight and wind over the entire ride. We did see plent of birds, a couple of lazy gators and I ran over a snake. This is probably one ride I won't go back to and did not seem very popular, during the ride we only saw 4 bikers and 3 peds. If you want to see the track I uploaded it to motionbased: