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    Guided two rides

    I was put in contact with a group of road riders from Oakland CA who were coming to my area (Quincy CA) to do four rides in four days. They were in their 50-60s, just like you and me. They contacted the LBS who gave the organizer my e-mail address (don't ya love small towns). After some e-mailing back and forth, they invited me to go along. I accepted. These guys (and gal) know who to do it. They are staying in one B&B for two nights then move a few miles down the road and stay in another for two nights. They pay all the expenses for one person to act as the SAG wagon. She would be waiting on the road every 15 miles or so with great food and drink, and have lunch ready for us at the appropriate spot. They even invited Mrs. Slim and I to dinner . . . salmon, which the B&B owner let them cook themselves in the main kitchen.

    Both rides were hilly routes, 55 miles (9 mile big climb) yesterday. 66 today (11 mile big climb). The night they arrived thundered and rained, but the riding was great and the fall colors are just coming out. I was able to "tweak" the routes they had chosen via the internet (especially the 6 miles of dirt road) with some small detours and even pointed out some things of historical interest (I've lived here 35 years).

    Coming from Oakland, they were completely amazed at the total lack of traffic and frollicked in the road by riding three and four abreast! Herds of wild turkey, deer, hawks, snakes (mostly flat in the road) and the usual assortment of suicidal squirrels added to the fun. They just kept saying, "This is what cycling is all about." They have two more rides planned, but a meeting Monday (hey, aren't I retired?) and a trip with Mrs. Slim Tuesday ruled them out.

    A fun weekend. And I feel great despite all the hard miles. Must be the Giant OCR, huh?
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    So, have you thought of a side line business doing bike tours in your area? Sounds like a great time.
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