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    Nissen Fundoplication

    Has anyone here had this procedure? If so how long were you off of the bike? I would be curious about how it may affect my cycling.

    I am going to have this procedure to get my GERD under control since it has not responded to well Nexium (even when taken 3 times a day) or lifestyle/diet changes.

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    Don't know a lot about it, but results seem to be good when done by a competent laparoscopic surgeon. There are a lot of variations of it. Looks like you've tried everything else first and for genuine failed medical therapy it seems worth the small risk of surgery. (Weight loss is probably the most important part of medical treatment.)
    When all else fails, though, the surgery works pretty well, but of course results for YOU cannot be guaranteed and risks of any surgery or failure of the surgery, even being small, are always there. If the benefit to you outweighs the small, but real risk of surgery the go for it.

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