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Peddlin' Around Detroit
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Springer Coil for Running Dogs

I have a German Shepherd, and I'm pretty sure I won't be carrying him on my bike any time soon. But I just read about a new device for running your dog. Have any of you tried the "Springer" coil-spring? Sounds interesting, and I'd like to talk about it at my German Shepherd Dog club I belong to.
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That's a lawsuit looking for a place to happen.

Even if it does absorb 90% of tugs and jerks, there is still that other 10% at an awkward moment. Good luck.
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Not only a law suit waiting to happen but I fear having to pass anyone with a dog, while they are also trying to ride a bike. THere is just too much going on when riding a bike to safely keep track of yourself, others and your dog. IMHO

Spend quality time with your bike and spend seperate quality time with the dog - they both will aprreciate it more
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Law suits? We used one of those years ago to exercise our dog. If you take the time to train your dog the right way there are no issues. My dogs are better behaved than 90 percent of the kids running around the streets these days. I spent quality time with my dog on my bike and off my bike. But like I say you have to train your dog and that is the most important part of owning a animal,(and your kids) too many people just have a pet and don't take the time to properly train them. Its those people who give responsible pet owners a bad rap.

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Time for a change.
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See a couple of Horse riders up on the hills with dogs that run loose all the time. One word of command and the dogs do whatever they like.- No- These dogs come into control at one word and there is no way that you could fault these dogs in any way. Mostly springer and Labrador/retrievers but Any dog with training can be bought to immediate obediance.

I do however get worried about Cyclists with dogs on leads. Don't know about the lawsuits but I am looking for the Big pile up of Dog Lead front wheel and a bloodied dog. Don't care about the cyclist but dogs should be under control at all times, and that cannot safely be done from a bike.
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Peddlin' Around Detroit
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Thanks everyone. Points very well taken and will not use the device. I'll tell my GSD club buddies what you told me.
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A friend of mine tried one, and it didn't take too long for the dog's pads to be worn and bleeding from running on the pavement. His dogs get a lot of exercise, too, but not on pavement. I doubt you could get the pads hardened up enough to give them enough exercise. I ride with my dogs all the time out on country roads where there is little traffic, but you always have to be watching and call them back and make them sit while traffic passes.
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