Hi, I'm well over 50, and hung around this forum for a while, but haven't been around much. At the time I felt everyone seemed content to discuss their illnesses and medications. I see a lot less of that now.

I just dropped by to tell people who are interested about a project I have been developing building electrically assisted bikes.

First a little background. I tour and bike 42 kms to work each day. In Toronto biking to work each day has 2 major challenges; in the summer it is too hot and in the winter it's too icy. Since October of last year electrically assisted bikes have been made legal for a 3 year trial period. In October I didn't even know what an EAV (Electrically Assisted Vehicle) was.

I decided I was going to use the best of this new technology that is currently available and build a 'hybrid' to assist me with commuting. I chose an adult Trike because in the winter it is not always safe to ride a two wheeler on Toronto roads. I chose a front brushless hub because it allows me to easily convert existing technology.

If you would like to see what I'm doing, and follow the progress, please link to my site: