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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 02-22-07, 11:37 PM   #1
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So, when you're not doing the bike thing

Not riding, not working on 'em, not buying stuff for 'em...

What do you do? We're all 50+ and supposedly well-rounded. What else is there for you?

I'm sure it's been asked before but, hell, let's dredge it up again.
And if not, why not now?
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Retired. Ride bike. Officate bike races. Plan bike races. Celebrate when bike races over. Volunteer at animal shelter. Internet news junkie. So, if I remove all the non-bike stuff - I'm a retired news junkie who loves animals.
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Retired from real job but still maintain a self serve car wash. Spend many hours with computer organizing my genealogy and also volunteer at local genealogical library. And apparently if I want something good to eat, I have to prepare it myself. Wife retired from cooking.
BierHaus Bertolette Road Bike, built 2007
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My wife and I have many good friends who are musicians. We spend many evenings going to their gigs, mostly at coffee houses, wineries, auditoriums etc. Often we all get together for some jammin', eating, drinking, and great conversation.

I have been a habitual reader for my entire life, so I spend quality time with books. Although I must say, the computer and BF have cut into my reading time.

Two of our grandchildren are exceptional athletes, ages 15 and 13. We spend many evenings attending their games. The 13-year-old (girl) has been promised a starting spot on the high school varsity basketball team next season when she is a freshman. She now starts, and has for 2 years, for a traveling team that has won tournements in many states from Florida to New York, not to mention leading her 8th grade team to a winning season. So watching basketball, softball, volleyball, and baseball keep me busy.

I have been pondering retrieving my spikes from their hook to play softball in a senior league. I think, after 35 years, I can still turn the double play, but my poor vision might dissuade me from an attempt.

Or most likely, I'll just sit on my ass and drink beer.

Edit* Forgot to mention I'm retired, for those who don't already know.

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Mojo Slim
Lincoln, CA
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Retired, but just called back to work on a short-term (60 days) contract. I like photography and blues music. I can take pictures, but can't play music. Just married off both daughters. One son-in-law is a bike rider, the other is in a rock'n'roll band. Can't get better than that.
Truth is stranger than reality.
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Older I get, Better I was
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Besides the riding I build my own steel frames. I also like wood boats,I have two wood kayaks and plan on starting a 19' skiff in the spring. I just swapped the Toyota minivan for a new Volvo wagon,I'm enjoying driving a car again.
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el padre
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Oh, the easy life... I am not retired, I am of the clergy, Catholic and a priest, so will not be of the retired state for a while. Just past the 56 mark. So some of the other things I do is work...but also play with re-doing an old 1951 International pickup truck that we had when I was a kid on the farm. I do jig saw puzzles once in a while. I have a cabin / get away for my day off where I have more bikes than you can shake a stick at. That is where I play with making new models from old ones. So I too have to cut the grass and other maintenance..
and to all, thanks for being part of this site....and a bigger thanks to those who run the place.
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Let's do a Century
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Still working full-time with the same company (well-excluding mergers and acquisitions) for 30+ years. My friends refer to me as "Bank of Dad" as I'm supporting 3 college tuitions including the wife who is back in college......Open 24/7! Will have one more after these 3 are done. (Any and all deposits are very welcome!!)

Very involved in organizing and operating a time trial series that lasts 7 months.

Used to play 100+ rounds of golf a probably 50+.

Enjoy following college football and basketball.
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Work for a well known organization that used to have Retired in it's name, but now just goes by four letters. I love my job and plan to work another 10 years. I pretty much travel every other week, but enjoy it. I read a ton, and when I am home, like to do things around the house, and yard work. That's a good thing since it piles up pretty quick. I also enjoy going to visit my two grandchildren. Sheesh when I read this it's surprising I have time to bike.
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Third World Layabout
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I grow trees for investment and reforestation in Costa Rica. I also own a software company and am involved in rare woods. Becoming fluent in Spanish is also happening, I fish in virgin tropical rivers for fish I can't even pronounce as well.

We are also in process of having a house built, bridges, etc.

I am not well rounded though - cycling has made me much less round now.
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We hunt, trial and train our terriers. We also breed and raise a litter of puppies now and then. We have ten Jack Russells and it takes a fair amount of time just to keep kennels clean and dogs played with and circulated in and out of the house so all get their share of individual attention. We are more into the performance events at the dog trials and conditioning the ones that are best at those games (racing and go to ground). We have a motor home and use it to travel a lot to the trials and enjoy visiting with our friends. We also travel a fair bit to hunt them. We've been fortunate enough to get a few that are pretty decent dogs, two in particular that are at or near the top of their game and are competitive on the highest levels. We've travelled over most of the U.s. and a fair bit of the U.K. playing various dog games. We're dog people. It's the dogs that got me on the bike by showing me I needed to do something for fitness to be able to keep doing what I do with them.
It's all downhill from here. Except the parts that are uphill.
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Third World Layabout
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I have to confess - I also amuse myself on forums about this time of year, enjoying that fact that Costa Rica has never seen a snowflake...
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East Hill
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Originally Posted by MichiganMike
Work for a well known organization that used to have Retired in it's name, but now just goes by four letters. I love my job and plan to work another 10 years. I pretty much travel every other week, but enjoy it. I read a ton, and when I am home, like to do things around the house, and yard work. That's a good thing since it piles up pretty quick. I also enjoy going to visit my two grandchildren. Sheesh when I read this it's surprising I have time to bike.
Have they managed to track you down yet ?

I'm still working full time--make that I'm working 6 days a week apparently for the rest of my career at the rate management is going.

When I'm not working, I moderate a genealogy forum (see signature) and a UK Wildlife forum (which is just starting up. It's at in case anyone is interested).

The genealogy keeps me busy, the wildlife viewing keeps me busy. Bikes keep me really busy. I do a great deal of reading as well.

East Hill
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Si Senior
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28+ years with various versions of at&t (technology development and consulting mostly). Used to play golf every day (9 before work, 9 after) but now lucky to get occasional trip with the old buddies. One kid in college, three more to go (long road ahead on that topic). Currently lots of kid soccer stuff. During the warm months I put up a canopy ( ) over the back patio and spend many long summer evenings building various bike projects. Mix in some red wine, bread and olive oil, and music, and those evenings keep me sane.
David Green, Naperville, IL USA "The older I get, the better I used to be" --Lee Trevino
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This has been asked before, but it is always an interesting comversation.

1. Music - I have my own male senior a capella group. We are currently working on a talent show for our church, a presentation to a senior center, and a performance in a local coffee shop. We are also going to cut our own CD with Christmas songs. This will be the first CD for any of us!! See and hear us here at:

2. Community Activities - I am very active in issues concerning those with disabilities. I recently formed a new organization and maintain another organization.

You can see them here:

Colorado Coalition to End the Waiting List

Parents of Adults with Disabilities - Colorado

3. Wife and I like to take road trips with the Bicycles in the van.

4. Have toyed for years with getting my certification in Personal Training. Have studied for the exam, but it seems everything else (health, etc.) keeps getting in the way.

5. And, of course, weight lifting.

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Jet Travis
Ride Daddy Ride
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Just a working stiff here--but a fortunate one. I work in public relations for the Univeristy of Virginia. I really believe in what we do here and love it that my place of employment has a museum, a dozen or so libraries, sports teams (including a first-rate student cycling club with a number of national champions), an orchestra, etc.

Yesterday, I was working with a world-class photographer on a BusinessWeek photo shoot. Today I'll be meeting with a graphic designer who's helping us reconfigure our web site, and I still have my hand in creating magazines, etc. It's all pretty interesting--but, of course, it's still work.

My wife teaches Russian here, as well. As the only driver in the house, I'm responsible for all of the shopping, light and heavy hauling, etc. So sometimes, it's hard enough to get in cycling time, but I also like to grow vegetables (often feeding the deer and other wildlife in the process), work out at the gym, hike with da wife (she doesn't cycle), hang out with friends, and, of course, cheer on the mighty U.Va. Wahoos. I also enjoy the fact that the college town I live in attracts interesting, quirky people who like to do things like run interesting, quirky restaurants. We're lucky that we have our choice of many fine, not-too-expensive ethnic eats.

Final thought--what an interesting collection of 50 plussers here. No wonder this is my all-time favorite online community.
"Light it up, Popo." --Levi Leipheimer
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OnTheRoad or AtTheBeach
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Work fulltime, cycle, yard work, 13 yo daughter management and home theater as a hobby.
The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard and the shallow end is much too large

2013 Noah RS
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I spend my working time managing a couple of independent oil and gas companies. One of them operates about 100+ wells scattered across three states, and the other is an acquistions/royalty partnership. This takes from 30 to 50 hours per week. I no longer supervise the field work unless we're in a bind, and most of my traveling is in the company plane, so that makes it much easier.

We bought an older home several years ago, but owing to a bout with cancer (wife) and some other medical situations we've just now started remodeling on the money pit so that will take a good deal of my future time. I enjoy carpentry and landscaping.

I also enjoy long distance marksmanship and bird hunting, with the occasional feral hog hunt (no limit-no season) when the boys are home.

We follow the Texas Rangers, but root for the Red Sox during the summer. I gave up umpiring baseball after the sixth knee surgery.

Two grown boys in the Dallas metrolplex, and two in college, keep us pretty busy. We're still waiting for grandchildren. I finally got a daughter in law and have a prospect of another.
Most economic fallacies derive from the tendency to assume that there is a fixed pie, that one party can gain only at the expense of another.....Milton Friedman
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I like starting up new biotechnology companies in my free time. It's kind of job related, but it's also really my hobby. I'm acting CEO of two new start-ups and working on a possible third. I'm an ad hoc analysts for two venture capital firms. If I ever retire, I suspect I will do this full time.

I also build custom studio furniture in my garage/shop but since resuming bicycle racing I have much less time to build stuff.

My wife really enjoys opera while I favor theater, so we alternate and try to go to one or the other about once a month in Los Angeles.

This one may sound odd, but I really like public speaking so I get sent around the country to black tie gala events as keynote speaker for the research center I work for.
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King of the molehills
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The economic doldrums here have lead to my early, involuntary departure from the work force. Less said about that the better. I pick up part time work when I can. Fortunately we're reasonably well set so things aren't dire and can still afford travel etc.

I read a lot more than I used to, and am getting acquainted with modern literary fiction.

I have had a lifetime love of classical music and renewed my long ago interest in audio a few years back. I've built my own speakers and amplifiers, and have previously posted my ongoing basement listening room/"man cave"/exercise room project here on BFS. I'm pretty handy and building things fills the time work used to.

Fly fishing is another pastime, but I only get up North for "serious" trout fishing a few times a season. I like to rough it (I used to backpack in my youth) and tent camp when I go. Otherwise I torment the bluegills at Stoney Creek metropark from my kayak when not riding there.

When still gainfully employed I bought a Subaru Impreza WRX (fast!!) when they first came out and tried autocrossing (a low-risk type of amateur racing) but lost interest. Partly because I sucked! But I entertain myself by heel-and-toeing thru nearly every turn in day to day driving. Yes, I still have the Subie. Modded it lightly with Progressive performance/lowering springs and a rear strut bar when I was autocrossing.
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I still work full-time as a software engineer for a large internet information provider. I work 4x10 so I have those three day weekends every week. I plan on cutting back to part-time in a couple years. I like my job, have very flexible hours and lots of time off so I haven't decided when I'll retire.

- I volunteer for the Special Olympics and the local park district.

- I have 9 grandkids who keep me busy attending their events.

- Maintaining the house and yard keeps me busy. I'm better at home maintenance than bike
maintenance. My dad built custom homes and taught me to use tools before he taught me
to ride a bike

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-- Antonio Smith
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Sore saddle cyclist
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I like winter too, I'm an avid backcountry and telemark skier. It's all good, bring on the snow!
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Just retired at 56 from a stressful social work job. Will do some work for the Juvenile Court on a very part time basis. Will finish building our house. We heat with wood, grow a large garden, can, dry and freeze food for the winter, prepare a lot of meals at home. Lift weights and do some running. Son told me about the website gymjones. It has really given me some ideas on how to better punish the body. Thinking about doing a brevet or two this year. Will need to put in far more base miles to accomplish the brevets.

Like to read and search for bargains on the internet. Rarely buy things. Have to many things now. Really try to minimize the my imprint on the Earth.
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will dehne
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Very interesting to see this diversity. Now lets see what I am doing? (subject to change soon).
Manage an Automation Company.
That involves frequent travel.
That allows much reading on planes, airports, hotels.
Exercise 1.5 hours/day minimum.
Spend much time with my wife of 45 years.
That means dining at home with more good wine than is good for us.
That means hiking, biking, museums, dining out, traveling for fun, socializing with friends and family.
I love classical music and have a very good sound system, love good movies, pay for all channels.
Computer Chess. I spend more time with that than is reasonable.
Biking with my wife on a Tandem. Solo with my new Madone.
Any time left? Go hiking in the woods. Camp out in book stores.
Sleep? Perhaps 6 hours/day.
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Still a working slob in software development. Like blues music and 60's garage band style. Can play a little piano and guitar. Photography buff, especially macro. Hang out alot with my wife of over 30 years. God bless her.

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