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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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My job didn't have the physical stress some listed above, but constantly increasing case loads, pressure from management to collect more & more $$, confrontational face to face negotiations and occaisional death threats made retirement an easy decision once I hit 65 y.o. My short commute (4mi one way) gave me a daily time for contemplation & spiritual renewal.

Reading the Bible also gave peace of mind but Bicycle commuting probably relieved the most stress, even years ago when I had a very physical job operating a large, sheet fed printing press. Don

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Originally Posted by tonphil1960
Ok guys, thought I would put this one here as I am not 50 but almost there. What to do when the Job is literally killing you?
I do a 2 hour work-out before heading out in the morning...get up a little early, but you get used to it of my wife's office team members has been diagnosed with acute kidney failure caused by stress...her job is literally killing her
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Ok guys, yes it sure as S*^t is killing me. There is a big difference between working full time and Coming home a half in a coma. I mean mentally and physically !!!!!!!!! The last thing I want to do when I get home is actually move anymore than I have already done all day. The constant movement, banging, bouncing, twisting, turning, will make anyone crazy. I wish I could just work full time!! I went to school full time for 6 months 3 years ago and it was like being on vacation. I am sure if I had a non physical job I would be much better off all around !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by tonphil1960
I drive a Tri Axle Dump truck, All day I am getting beat to a pulp by the truck, dizzy and wasted. By the time I get home I am damn near comatose, let alone in any shape to ride a bike.

I guarantee it. Once you get your bike and ride it, after you get home from work, you'll be surprised how less fatigued you really are. After being beat to death by a truck all day, along with the jarring and rattling, being glued to an air ride seat, breathing diesel fumes, and putting up with traffic, then riding a smooth as silk new bike in the fresh air will be like eternal bliss. Soon you'll be looking forward to the total relaxation of it, looking for excuses to ride after work just to calm down and relax. Riding a bike is fantastic for your physical and mental well being, and is highly addictive my friend.

Just dont sweat the small stuff. Just get out there and ride your bike. The rest will fall into place without you even knowing it. With your increased physical conditioning, you wont be as tired when you get off, ready to ride your bike for yet another enjoyable evening of solitude.

Keep it fun
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Hey Wino, I am sure gonna try, 2 weeks ETA for new bike and maybe a whole new outlook !!!!!!

Thanks T
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I work in a homeless shelter for women and their children. These women have a history of drug addiction and mental illness. It is drama and stress everyday. I bike to work as many days as I can. If I can not bike to work I keep a spare bike in the office so i can get out during my lunch hour. You must ride your bike for your sanity!!!

Gas, the price of a can of beans
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just over the next hill
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Originally Posted by rodrigaj
Soapbox in place: Get rid of your TV.

I've never regretted it.
Enjoy the ride.
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