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    Unexpected Bills???? or bike falling apart?

    Whilst waiting for the NEW BIKE to turn up somewhere in--not certain where but the length of time it is taking to collect it- It must be in outer Mongolia or some such place- I got a phone call. I am doing a ride tomorrow. Only a 40 miler for a local charity but I am doing it with a new Stoker on the Tandem. Should find out how loud he can scream on the twisty bits because it is a flat ride with only one long 2 mile slope in it. And that is uphill. My phone was from my riding partner on the MTB that is also doing the ride.

    That phone call was "I have just fitted new brake blocks and I can't centralise the brakes" OK---Bring it round. Only adjustment but he is up for new brakes shortly. While I was looking at it- The rear derailler cable was stiff so out with the lube and grease the inners. No Joy- The rear derrailler had siezed. Out with the new one that is sitting in the Spares box and fitted it- Had to fit a new inner cable at the same time but still a bit stiff. New outers made up and fitted and perfect. "How long have you had that chain On?" "Don't know but you fitted about 2 years" ago. Out with the spare chain and fit it.

    So one happy friend that only wanted his brakes sorted. 1 New derailler- 1 new chain and a complete set of inner and outer cables for the deraillers and he is very happy.

    So just a warning- If you put your bike in for service and it is a long time since you had it done- Be prepared for a big bill. Parts alone on this quick adjustment has cost around $180. And that is without the service he had done at the same time. And the rest of the bits that I will have to get for him to keep him running for the rest of the year.
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    Another testimonial for the DIY'rs and learning the art of the bicycle and repair. I got tired and broke taking care of the fleet via the local shop and learned repair out of desperation and being cheap (read frugal)! With age comes wisdom...or the ability to know the difference.

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