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Local organizations held another bike-to-work breakfast this morning and the volunteer bike patrol led rides from the breakfast site to various downtown locations. The breakfast was great and the ride along the river to the downtown area was fantastic.

After the event some of us decided to do more riding and stop for an early lunch a couple towns away. After lunch is when things started going downhill fast J and I had parked in the same location so we left the others to head back to our cars. We stopped in a parking lot to make a minor adjustment to his bike and when we started again I had one of those major senior moments. I failed to see the parking blocks about 10 feet ahead of me. When I did notice them I jammed on the brakes, unclipped and thought I was safe. The gravel got me. My foot slipped and the bike and I tumbled to the ground. No harm to the bike but I have a major bruise and small gash on my left calf. After picking myself up we hit the trail and headed to the cars. We went about 1/2 mile and I have a flat This is my third flat on the rear tire in 2 weeks. I grabbed the tube, C02 and started changing it. The C02 won't work...no problem I have a frame pump, too. Finally the tire is changed and we're back on our way. We stop at a rest area to use restroom and get a drink. When we're ready to leave I can only find one glove. After hunting everywhere I tell J to forget it, I'll just buy another pair. As I get on the bike he starts laughing...my missing glove is velcroed to the back of my jersey

The first place I headed after returning to the car was the bike shop. I now have new tape on the rim and the right size C02 for my unit I should have stayed in bed this morning....
Ouch on the fall -- that s*cks. Glad you're okay & that you found some humor in your situation.

Hope the next ride went smoother.